About us

Basic Democracy is a brand of NTCC sp. z o.o., a small consulting agency registered in 2013 in Poland.


“In 2000, I started working for small American NGOs, first in Kazakhstan, then in Uzbekistan. I fell in love with the concept of supporting development through education. I was fascinated by how new opportunities open to people once they learn the language and start discovering the broader world. 

When I came back to Poland, I started working with Polish NGOs, like The Batory Foundation, who did similar things – supported, trained and educated people to show them the broader context of the world, so they can gain new perspectives on how to develop their countries and communities. Later, I became board member and then executive director of Zagranica Group – an umbrella organization representing and supporting Polish NGOs dealing with democratization and development cooperation. That was something! I felt like I was in the center of things happening! I met a lot of Polish and foreign organizations and their employees, found out what they did, sometimes became involved as expert or trainer. But I kept asking the question: What do we actually achieve, and are we effective?

I soon found out it was a difficult question, and hardly anyone was asking it systematically enough. Therefore, since 2009 I got involved in evaluation (assessing the effectiveness of projects), as I wanted to help NGOs in such reflection. 

Working as evaluator, I realized that many organizations have no clarity regarding what they really want to achieve, and are unable to logically plan actions leading to that objective. I found out that I can support them even better, when I ask the right questions and help find deep and solid answers to them. That’s how I discovered coaching as a method of work with individuals, groups and teams. 

In the meantime, I realized that these methods are also applicable when working with businesses, but that’s a different story. 

Today, I work with a team of extraordinary experts to combine all these skills and experience supporting great organizations and people who are trying to change their world for the better.”

Wojtek Tworkowski

CEO and Lead Expert
NTCC sp. z o.o.



We have worked with some of the major NGOs and donors in Poland, Ukraine, Georgia and other countries. Here’s some of our recent projects:

  • We’ve developed a curriculum for Summer and Winter Schools, as well as mechanisms for strengthening learning and using the obtained knowledge for a large international coalition of pro-democratic NGOs.
  • We’ve conducted assessment of a major NGO using partners’ and employees’ perspective, which helped change priorities and develop more effective operational methods.
  • We’ve conducted evaluations and established results monitoring systems for large projects involving beneficiaries from all over the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia.
  • We’ve conducted strategic and planning workshops for organizations and coalitions of organizations, from Poland and several Eastern Partnership countries.
  • We’ve coached organization leaders and small business owners, as well as teams from within organizations, helping them see new perspectives and possible paths of growth.
  • We’ve uncovered “lessons learned” through participatory workshops, as well as crowdsourced reports (based on interviews with experts and stakeholders).
  • We’ve recruited top trainers based on partner needs, as well as conducted trainings ourselves.
  • And much more

 Currently, we are working on our own, very special Leaders Building Program, with pilot editions planned for the winter of 2018 in Georgia and Ukraine.

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