What we do

  • We work with people. 
    People must become stronger to become leaders of change. They need clarity of vision and their values. They need to manage their life and finances well. They need to continuously learn and improve so they have a richness of options to choose from and do get stuck and dependent on where they are.
  • We work with leaders. 
    Leaders must become stronger. They need to know what they aim for and how they can get there. They need to learn to see things from different perspectives, so they actually learn from their mistakes. They need to learn to cooperate and involve others in what they want to achieve, because hardly even can you go the distance alone.
  • We work with organizations. 
    Organizations must become stronger. They need to clearly define what they want to achieve, and be able to measure that – and so many don’t. They need to plan strategically and find partners. They need to know the actual needs of people they work with, rather than just pursue their ideas. They need to learn how to involve people in projects and decision making. Last but not least, they need to reflect on their effectiveness – both in projects and as organizations, so their tremendous potential is not lost on doing the wrong things.

We have worked with donors, non-governmental organizations, local governments, individuals and small businesses. We provided them with our skills, knowledge, experience and inspiration. Perhaps most importantly, we offered them an external perspective, because we are not directly involved with what they do.

How we do it

There is a number of ways in which we work with our partners.

  • We provide coaching, training, evaluation and advice.
  • We work with groups and individuals, helping them define their goals, ways to achieve them and action plans.
  • We lead building strategies and projects.
  • We facilitate processes that involve groups of people, like consultations, problem solving, etc.
  • We analyze (or help you analyze) needs and evaluate the effectiveness of your actions or your organization as a whole.
  • We support learning in organizations and planning educational processes (like, for instance, Summer Schools)
  • We advise organizations and mentor leaders, helping them look from a different perspective and sharing ideas from other context, thus supporting their development.

 …and there is more. We love it when partners come to us with a challenge and together we seek best ways to address it.

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