Better leaders and organizations | Совершенствование лидеров и организаций

Basic Democracy

On the most basic level, democracy is not about the system. It’s about the potential of individuals and organizations to have control or influence the processes that affect them. In other words, to have some influence on their lives and world around them.

Potential, capacity, effectiveness and independence of external influence – these are the very foundations of any broader democracy and development. Basic Democracy.

Basic Democracy focuses on strengthening leaders and organizations. Because if they are strong and able to influence the world, then things actually change, first around them, and later on a more global level.



How you can benefit from working with us

  • You will have more clarity about your own and your organization’s goals and know if you’re headed in the right direction.
  • You will be more effective in achieving those goals.
  • You will get access to experienced and creative experts who will gladly help you figure out how to deal with your challenges.
  • You will obtain a whole new perspective from people who are not directly involved in your situation, but have seen many other situations and can share them with you.
  • You will outsources the skills needed to coach, train or evaluate your organization, team and project.
  • You will have a partner to work with your beneficiaries and help you plan your actions to involve them.